• Pryce's LPG Sales Registers High Growth in 1st Qtr
    For the first quarter of 2015, publicly-listed Pryce Corporation posted a growth in sales volume of 68% year-on-year for its principal product, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), which comprised 91% of total sales. The volume sold reached 32,981 metric tons (MT) compared to the year-before figure of 19,628 MT. In Peso terms, however, sales revenue for LPG move up by only 4.62% to P1.23 billion.
  • Pryce Corporation Posts Meaningful Revenue & Earnings Growth
    Pryce Corporation's total revenue rose by 62.5% to P6.35 billion in 2014 from  P3.91 billion of the previous year. This upturn was mainly driven by liquefied petroleum das (LPG) sales, under the brand name PryceGas, which increased by 57.4% to P5.28 billion in Peso terms and by 78.2%, from 63,590 metric tons (MT) to 113,924 MT, in volume terms.
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