Whistleblowing Policy

Whistleblowing is the reporting or providing of information that raises a concern about potential dangers to the Company, its workers or properties (unsafe acts / circumstances) or misconduct or illegal or unethical acts that affects or impacts on the Company’s or stakeholders’ interests and the safety of communities in which the company operates.

The company’s whistleblowing policy urges employees to report and / or provide information on misconduct or offenses by officers and employees and members of the company’s Board that are against the company’s Code of Conduct and Business Ethics, or acts that are illegal, unethical, violative of the good corporate governance, which would result in a situation grossly prejudicial or damaging to Company.The Company provides a monetary reward to a whistleblower to incentivize the reporting of misdeeds or offenses that are prejudicial or damaging to the Company and thus ensure an effective policy. An employee’s failure to report any violation of the code or other company rules and regulations is deemed an offense and can be meted out sanctions from suspension to termination from service / employment. Furthermore, the Company protects whistleblowers against retaliatory actions as a consequence of their exposes.