Our Commitment and Mission

PRYCE comes from a Celtic word which stands for value.

Pryce Corporation and its subsidiaries are committed to growing its businesses by expanding market share, increasing revenues and net income, as well as enhancing shareholder value as a publicly-listed company. The Company aims to accomplish these by taking strategic moves that make the most of opportunities or create them, improving ways of doing business continuously, and adhering to meaningful values that are consistent with the company's objectives.

our vision

To become a significant and leading company in the LPG* business, surviving whatever challenges there may be, by being discerningly strategic, creative in designing efficiencies, and tenacious in the pursuance of the company's goals and objectives.

* Liquefied Petroleum Gas


Our Businesses


Aiming for significance through pragmatic decisiveness and tenacity in a tough and competitive environment.


about us

Pryce Corporation or PC (formerly Pryce Properties Corporation) is a property holding and real estate development company incorporated on September 7, 1989. It has two subsidiaries: Pryce Gases, Inc. (PGI) and Pryce Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PPhI). PGI's business is in the importation and distribution of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as well as the manufacturing and marketing of industrial gases. PPhI is a wholesaler and distributor of private branded multi-vitamins and some 'over-the-counter' generic drugs; it is a new subsidiary wherein PC bought 75% of common shares in July 2015.




 Stock Information and Share Prices



PRYCE’s 9-month 2021 INCOME RISES 19%

The consolidated net income of Pryce Corporation rose by 19% to Php 1.454 Billion in the period January to September 2021 from Php 1.222 Billion during the same period last year. Likewise, the company’s gross revenue increased by 24% to Php ... read more



Pryce Corporation (PPC) registered a 9.28% growth in consolidated revenues from Php 3.175 billion in the first quarter of 2020 to Php 3.470 billion in the same period this year. Net income also grew from Php 398.98 million to Php 423.22 million, p... read more


PRYCE's 2020 REVENUES UP BY 10.14%

The Company posted consolidated revenues of P11.708 billion in 2020, up by 10.14% compared to 2019’s P10.630 billion. This growth was driven mainly by sales of its LPG products consisting of LPG cooking gas (LPG), cylinders, gensets, stoves ... read more